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Treasure Hunt Event

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Hello all!

Since the Valentine's Day Event ended, we're hosting a Treasure Hunt Event!

How does it work?
  • Every hour, a treasure chest is spawned with their coordinates broadcasted in chat.
  • Players will have to navigate there way to the 'X on the map', though other players may go for it too.
  • Each chest will contain 4-16 Treasure Crate Keys that can be used at /warp crate.
  • If no one gets the chest within 24 hours of it spawning, it will automatically despawn.

How to get started?
  • Type /tcCoord to see the coords of the most recent treasure chest.
  • Type /tcTime to see how much time is left until the next treasure chest spawns.
This event will be ending on 24 February 12AM PST.

Server Trailer

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Hello all!

We now have an official server trailer!

For those that want to reupload this trailer, you'll be rewarded with 2 Epic Keys when your video has reached 50 views. And yes, you'll be eligible to recieve 5 Epic Keys for every 500 views. Download the video here.

As a result, we'll be expecting an influx of new players, so be nice to everyone.

Content Creator Applications

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Hello all!

We're currently accepting applications for YouTube and Twitch content creators! If you've got a channel you've been hiding, now's the time to share it!

To support content creation on PlayFactions, we've created a Content Creators section for players to share their moments. Please make sure you read the Information thread to prevent your thread from being deleted! A dedicated Discord channel, #content-creators, has been created for those interested in posting there; same rules apply.

For those that aren't content creators, we've got something for you too! Learn more here!

Valentine's Day Event

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Hello all!

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we've decided to celebrate a little early with a MobArena event where you can win LoveTokens that can be used towards the exclusive Valentine's Day rewards.

  • Cupid prefix - 100 LoveTokens
  • Heart Arrow particles - 100 LoveTokens
  • Cupid's Bow - 250 LoveTokens
    • Pull III
    • Piercing III
    • Infinity I
This event will be ending on 17 February 12AM PST.

Official Public Release

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Hello all!

We recently officially launched our server to the public on the 6th of February. Some of you have been playing a week of two before that and have been a tremendous help to the community in general. Ever since starting up our server, we've been constantly listening to the feedback from the community. From introducing a more refined and balanced economy, to more rank choices, we've progressed quite far in such a short amount of time. The economy is geared towards players who farm before moving on to spawners where a large chunk of bigger factions will earn their money.

World border information:
  • World - 7k radius
  • Nether - 3k radius
  • End - 3k radius

These prizes will be paid at the end of every month:
FTOP Rewards:​
1st place:​
  • Champion prefix
    • Particles
    • One free faction upgrade
    • Faction fly
    • Extra faction vault line

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